Monday, September 12, 2005


Poems by Robert Service

A poem should be like a brook,
As dulcet to the ear;
And it should need no second look
To make its meaning clear:
As chrystal as a rill it should
With music meet your mood.

A poem should be like a bird
And to green joy belong.
That should inspire each jewelled word
With pregnancy of song,
And be of brooding thought no part,
Appealing forthright to the heart.

A poem should be like a flower
That gems a sullen space,
To live ineffably its hour
Of ecstasy and grace:
A lily, violet or rose,
That in sheer beauty glows.

A crystal brook, a flower, a bird
Are poems perfect planned;
We have no need of graven word
Their grace to understand:
So wrapt in them is my delight,
A poem I've no need to write.

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