Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Monday afternoon, B#2, Bouncy Boy, Plantlover and her friend Latoya went with me to a couple of parks on a type of scavenger hunt. We went on our first Letterboxing outing. I learned about letterboxing on one of my many email lists about a year or more ago and wanted to try it, but just never got started. Letterboxing involves rubber stamps and clues. People place a notepad, rubber stamp, and ink pad inside a rubbermaid type container then hide it in some location and then post clues on the letterbox website. You can go to the Letterboxing website and look up parks and other places in your area that contain a letterbox. You print out the clues and then take a rubber stamp and notepad with you on your adventure. Once you find a letterbox, you use their stamp to stamp your notepad and then you stamp their notepad with yours and return the letterbox to its original hiding place. We printed out clues for two parks in our area and went on our search. We found both boxes and learned some things along the way. It is a bit cumbersome to carry everything involved and do all the stamping and try to be inconspicuous at the same time. We will put together a letterbox kit for our next adventure. You need a pen, stamp and pad (in case theirs is dry), a notebook and wet ones to clean everything/one up when done stamping. It was a very fun time and Hubby was even able to join us at the second park!

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plantlover said...

that was a lot of fun! we need to do it again! our pics turned out kinda goofy didn't they?