Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We're Home

We arrived home from our trip on Sunday evening. After our stop at Glacier National Park, we went for a week to Yellowstone Bible Camp in Pray, MT. It was a family camp and consisted mostly of homeschooled families. Some of which we know from here in the Pacific NW and some of which were new to us. There were just over 60 in attendance of ages 2-87. There was tasty food, great fellowship and also many great lessons on family and relationships. The schedule includes lessons in the morning after breakfast and then again in the evening after dinner. We had free time in the afternoon and then a free day on Thursday. We used our free day to travel into Yellowstone National Park and had a wonderful time there viewing the great scenery that God created along with many different forms of wildlife. (I will post pics. soon). We arrived home tired but grateful for the time we had. On Monday, I needed to go to the store and decided to take our suburban, so I could gas it up after the long trip. Well . . . it died in the left turn lane in traffic. Turns out that the alternator gave up the ghost. Thankfully, it waited until we got home instead of somewhere on our 500 mile drive home. God is so good!

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Javamom said...

The trip looks and sounds cool (in the temperature sense, too) and refreshing! The photos are beautiful!

I'm so glad your suburban waited to die till you got home. Can you imagine?

I put a little update note at the top of my blog list for you, to show how it's not quite as daunting as it may seem. I didn't mean to be overwhelming!! I do try to fit a lot in, sometimes. And as long as I can do much of it from home, it's all the more easy to accomplish!

And if I had been on such a lovely vacation, I would not be so ambitious, I'd just be happy to get the laundry done, pet the cat, and have the ice cream :-).

Love in Him,