Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Things I am thankful for this Thursday . . .

1. The beautiful way the snow looks on the trees.

2. That my chest cold seems to be drawing to an end.

3. I didn't have to commute on the icy roads last night with the rest of the commuters of Puget Sound.

4. That I was able to sell some textbooks we are done with in order to save up for other curriculum I would like to purchase.

5. My dad is cancer free.

1 comment:

Purring Piggy said...

YEAH!! I hadn't heard the results about your dad.

We were sledding again today...can you believe there is still snow after 6 days!!!! It has never been like this since we lived here! Normally we rush out in the morning to play before the rain washes it all away!

Our van hasn't made it home yet because our street is still too icey, but they finally sanded the street at the end of our drive, so Clankeeper should be able to park by our mailbox tonight! He has been parking about 1/2 mile from home each night so he could get to work!