Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Our Summer's End Last Hurrah!

Over the weekend, our family was able to get away to Ocean Shores on the Washington coast. The weather was wonderful, sunny and in the 70s and we had the most relaxing time. There were walks on the beach, sand castle building, strange creature finding and go cart riding. It was especially wonderful because all of our family members were able to go. In this season of our lives, with older children working outside of the home, it can be very difficult to coordinate schedules.

This is a picture of the creature that our daughter found when digging the moat around her sand castle. We didn't know what it was, but have since discovered that it is a Pacific Mole Crab, and that it is considerably larger than the average Mole Crab.

Our trip gave us just the boost we needed to start on our busy fall season.


Mother Auma said...

We liked to dig for these when I was a kid growing up in California. You find a place in the wet sand with little air holes popping out...

What a great vacation! I envy you the beach.

amy said...

Just looking at the beach is refreshing. You all look great and refreshed. God bless you.

Javamom said...

What an interesting critter! I wish we were so close to the beach sometimes!