Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day & Freedom

Today, more than usual, I have been reflecting on the sacrifice that those in the military make on behalf of our freedom. I am truly thankful that so many have been willing to serve. Some have paid the ultimate price in giving their lives for our freedom. I hope that we will not let our freedom slip away and thus cause their sacrifices be in vain.

Those in the military swear to serve and defend our constitution but how many of us even know what that precious document says? Are we doing our part to protect it? These are questions I have been asking myself in recent months. The more I learn about this document, the more concerned I grow for our country. Please, please, make yourself aware of what is contained in the constitution before we lose the freedoms that our founding fathers and our precious brothers and sisters in the military sacrificed so much for.

In our family we have had many that have served our country and I wanted to take this time to honor a few of them.
My Great Uncle, Jerald Smith.
My husbands great uncle, Daniel Fuhrer, served and gave his life during WWII.

My Grandfather, Clarence Raymond Smith - Served just prior to WWII.
My Grandfather, Everett Bowen, served during WWII in the South Pacific.
My father in-law, Henry Jacob Liebelt, served during the Korean Conflict.

Our Son, Jake, currently serving in the US Navy.

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