Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Tea Party: Three Principles by Elizabeth Price Foley

All kinds of descriptions of The Tea Party are thrown about by people and the media. I decided to do a little investigation of my own.  This book is not very thick but is very thorough.  The author is a Law Professor and she wrote the book as a result of her own curiousity and research into the Tea Party. Her conclusions were that the Tea Party is really a movement and not a party at all. It has no centralized control and sprung up as groups of people concerned about the country and the way it was headed.  "the Emphasis of the Tea Party is economic and constitutional, not social." pg 224.  The three basic principles of the Tea Party are 1) Limited government; 2)US sovereignty; and 3)Constituional originalism.  A lot of misinformation is out there about The Tea Party and I recommend this book as a great place to start in trying to understand who they are and what their goals are.

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