Tuesday, June 28, 2005

In His Steps

I recently read the book, In His Steps, by Charles Sheldon and it has challenged me greatly. I have had this book on my shelf for years without reading it. It is a novel about a minister in an affluent church that challenges his congregation to commit to doing what Jesus would do in every aspect of their lives. I know that question, "What Would Jesus Do?" has been trivialize and overused in recent years - but have you ever approached life asking it? In the story several people take the challenge and the book follows each of their lives and how they are affected by choosing to do what they think Jesus would do in their work places and personal lives. The ultimate benefit for each was that they grew stronger in their faith. There are also many negative consequences, broken relationships, lost jobs, businesses ruined. This book, although a novel, has caused me to reexamine my life - do I make decisions that honor and lift the Lord. Do I really consider what he would do? What does this mean for me? I highly recommend this book! If you have already read it, you might want to reread it to get a fresh perspective.



Reda said...

This book is a fictional book with a very real message. I read it about 25 years ago and remember very vividly the weeping and prayers that went with it. It gave me a whole new focus in my life and helped me turn my heart truly to the Lord.
I think you are right I should re-read it!

Mama Squirrel said...

Our pastor preached about the fruits of the spirit yesterday, and he told the story of golfer Payne Stewart as an example of a changed heart and life. You can read the story here: http://www.hopeway.org/gospel/heart.asp . Stewart wore a WWJD bracelet during the last part of his life and it obviously became more than a piece of jewelry.