Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bulls eye - hopefully?

Last week my father gave his old bow to our sons to use for target practice and today my hubby took our oldest son to the archery shop to get the bow strung and get a few arrows. They came home with a second bow, some arrows and other paraphernalia. All of my boys, hubby included, spent a good amount of time shooting at a target. The challenge now lies in keeping them from hurting themselves or anyone else. Life with these boys can be a bit of a challenge for me as I grew up with no brothers and only one sister. I am learning to relax a bit. These modern day Robinhoods are great fun!


Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Hey, The Headmaster found an old wooden child's bow at the thrift shop and purchased it for the First Year Boy. He made him some wooden arrows, and the Boy had target practice with some cardboard boxes. He was shooting some holes in those boxes!
He now volunteers to narrate all Robin Hood readings by acting as Robin Hood!

coffeemamma said...

Boys, bows and arrows... A young man who is a hsing friend made our Boy a bow out of bent twigs, and some wooden arrows. One of his favourite playthings, obviously. I always said he could play happily for hours with just a stick and some string ;-)