Sunday, July 03, 2005


Today our Keepers/Contenders for the Faith group went on a group bicycle ride. There were 28 of us ranging from 1 year old to 50+. We went on our county's centential trail and rode 6 miles. The trail is a nice paved trail that winds through rural land and wetlands. There used to be a railroad track where the trail now is, it is part of our state's rails to trails program. It was a very nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon, good fellowship and exercise too!


Reda said...

Sounds like so much fun! Your family is such a good example of incorporating inexpensive fun and exercise into everyday life. I remember that trail very well. It is beautiful. I really wish I could have been with you all!
I spent the morning working in my flowers. I planted my new butterfly bush a friend from church gave me. Lawrence finished up a job in the morning. In the afternoon we tried to go to a lake Pawpaw used to take the kids to. However, because of 9-11 they no longer let the public access it. It is somehow a back up to our water system. So we came home and played with the water hose, some of the kids painted, I read a book while Esther napped and then we watched a movie and a thunderstorm. You can't even tell it rained today. We need more rain.
Thanks for sharing your weekend!

Javamom said...


What a fun group experience for family and friends.

Happy Birthday to Bouncy Boy!