Monday, July 25, 2005

Who is getting older?

Yet another of our children had a birthday this month. First it was our youngest and now our oldest. Plant Lover celebrates her 20th birthday today. Actually, we celebrated yesterday with a BBQ with close friends and family. She chose her favorite, strawberry shortcake, for desert and we all enjoyed that. It really makes you reflect on how the time has flown when your children start reaching adulthood. Plant Lover has been a big blessing in our life as she has shown her service to the Lord and those around her. It is wonderful to see her show her diligence during struggles and with a busy schedule of school and work. She is cheerful, kind and tender hearted. She is a joy to us! Happy birthday sweetheart!

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Anonymous said...

We too have been celebrating! Our eldest is going to be 23 soon and it really changes how we relate. On the up side, that is good! I like seeing her take more responsibility for her decisions in life. She is a joy!
We love watching them all grow and see that while our role in their lives change, our importance does not!
My mom always says, "No one gets older but the kids!"