Tuesday, August 30, 2005

One Last Hurrah!

Above are pictures of a view from Hurricane Ridge and a deer that came into the picnic area while we were eating lunch.

The woods, children and tents - what do they all have in common? Camping in the Olympic National Park! We just got back from a wonderful camping trip with several of our dear friends. We all went over to the Olympic National Park and camped in the Heart O' the Hill's campground at the foot of Hurricane Ridge. The children put on cammo and grabbed wooden guns and ran around in the woods playing army. They had a blast. We went on short day hikes, up at the ridge where the views are spectacular, and in the campground through the woods. One family went on a long walk (about 12 miles) on the beach at the Dungeness Spit all the way out to the lighthouse and back. We had wonderful fellowship and a very relaxing time. We also had our worship service in the campground, there is something about worshipping the Creator amongst his beautiful creation that is so special. Most of us went over on Thursday and came back on Sunday and thankfully the rain held off until we were all packed up on Sunday afternoon. My boys are rating this trip as one of the best they have ever been on and I would have to agree.


TheHeadGirl said...

Our camping trip on the Olympic Peninsula has also been rated as one of the best family trips ever. That place is just gorgeous...one can't help but feel exhilirated there.

Pipsqueak said...

Meriadoc Brandybuck told me about this trip... I was extremely envious. :-D

Baseball Fan said...

Thank you for a great weekend. We enjoyed the time together and the 11 mile hike. It is amazing how a physically challenging walk can pull a family together and change attitudes. We look forward to our next outing.

Javamom said...

Tootle! It's beautiful! How wonderful for your family and friends...these kinds of trips make for some favorite family memories.

What a blessing to have such beauty available to you :-).