Thursday, August 11, 2005

Plot and Plan . . .

It is that time again . . . school planning time. It is a time of renewing, looking forward to the year and new knowledge. It is also a time of pruning, no my children will not have time to read all of these books. I am constantly asking, "how will we fit it all in?". We have tried to work on a new chore system and put some routines in place before we start in September. I had large ideas of getting organized this summer, you know, things like meal plans, chore plans, service plans etc. etc. Here we are and summer is almost over and not many projects finished. Oh well, there is still three weeks left before school starts again.

I do have some plans finished, such as our Washington State History and Science. I have picked some of the books we will read this year and I have been busy pre-reading some books for SS to read during his first year of High School. I guess the summer hasn't been a total loss.

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