Monday, November 28, 2005

Here is the evidence

Here are the gingerbread houses, train and tree that our family did. Also, the Star Wars jigsaw puzzle that my family worked on all day Saturday. The puzzle is really cool, it is two sided - one side has the evil characters and the other side has all of the good guys. Of course my boys all chose to do the dark side first. Go figure!


mom2one said...

The gingerbread houses are beautiful! We are going to try our hands at building them this year for the first time. :-)

tootlepip said...

It is so much fun. R will love it! We have done graham cracker houses before too. I usually bake our houses, but we got kits this year and it was really nice. I still like the smell of the homemade gingerbread better. Maybe next year I will have more time.

HowGreatADebtor said...

Lovely, lovely gingerbread houses! Good job!