Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Right Stuff continued

Well we watched the movie tonight and . . . never believe the rating on a DVD. The DVD said PG, I would have rated it at least PG-13. The story line is fairly close to the book, although not quite as meaty it does a pretty good job at explaining what was involved in starting up the space program and the personal sacrifice made by the test pilots, astronauts and their families. I don't recommend this one for families because of the adult material and language. It may be fine for those with TV guardian - but I would still recommend previewing first.

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Mom2the5rs said...

I think that PG movies produced before the pg-13 tag was in use (not sure of the date on this) tend to be more risque than the PG movies now. I always hesitate on older PG movies. They usually have 2-3 innappropriate scenes hidden in them. Why do they have to do this??? URG!