Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Super Fast Birthday . . .

Son #2 is going to be twelve on Thursday. We had his birthday party on Sunday - trying to fit it in so that people could attend during this hectic time of year. Our boys are really into racing Hot Wheels right now and so this particular son wanted to have a Hot Wheels Race party. He also wanted Raspberry Cream Pie instead of cake. We invited a few friends and their fathers over for the party. They played wheel launch bowling in the garage and then for the big event, they raced Hot Wheels Cars. My son's best buddy's dad brought over his really cool 1970s vintage Hot Wheels track and they raced a double elimination race. Hubby was in charge of the party and pretty much handled the whole thing. This was a first for us as I usually plan and host all the children's birthday parties. Hubby did a great job! There were 11 men/boys in attendance and I think they all had a great time. This Birthday was a real male bonding time.

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