Monday, March 13, 2006

Books on Courtship

As I said in my post on Courtship and Romance, there are many books on this topics from many different perspectives. I thought I should share a bit of what I found in the books that I have read.

Her Hand in Marriage, by Doug Wilson
It has been a long time since I read this one and my memory tends to be hazy at times. I believe this book is especially good for fathers and daughters. It details the responsibility of the father to protect their daughters and the author uses scripture to prove his points.

Of Knights and Fair Maidens, by Jeff and Daniel Myers
This books is a small, easy to read book. In it the authors detail their courtship and ways to initiate this as a young adult on your own. They had some good ideas but wasn't quite what I was looking for. Again, it was a long time ago that I read this one - so my memory is a bit hazy.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye, by Josh Harris
I shared about this one in my previous post. I believe this book could be used with high school aged children and I may have my son read this one after reading Best Friends for Life.

Best Friends for Life, by Michael and Judy Phillips
I also shared about this one in my previous post. This book, in my opinion, is very well suited for use with young high school aged children.

When God Writes Your Love Story, by Eric and Leslie Ludy
This book is a very candid sharing of the lives of its authors and I feel that it is a great book for mature high schoolers and college aged young people. I believe the content to be too mature for my 9th grade son.

The book is divided into sections:
-Desiring a Love story (submitting to God)
-Preparing for a Love Story (Purity - inward excellence)
-Waiting for a Love Story (singleness & high standards)
- Sweetening a Love Story (training to be tender within your own family and partnering)
-Discovering a God Written Love Story (too late?, Against the tide)

I hope these brief reviews will help those in search of resources on this topic.

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