Friday, February 16, 2007

Auto shop - Homeschool Style

Previously, I posted about our biggest homeschool project ever. It is a 1965 Ford Mustang - and when I say "project", I mean it. Here are the latest photos of this wonderful journey.

Top Photo: Boy #1 and Dad looking the engine over; Middle Photo: Boy #2 with the transmission; Bottom Photo: Project car

So far they have gutted the interior, removed the cracked windshield, cleaned up under the car, removed, cleaned, painted and reinstalled the rear end, replaced the brakes, pulled the engine and transmission. The boys work out in the garage with their dad twice a week for an hour or two each session. They are learning a tremendous amount and are getting to know their dad better. This time spent in the garage is the highlight of their school week.


heather said...

My husband wants to tackle an old motorcycle with our boys, I'm happy to hear how much fun your guys are having!

Dana said...

OK, that is cool. And I was just thinking about letting the kids tear about the clock radio when we finally get around to replacing it. I guess we can start somewhere...