Sunday, February 25, 2007

Zoom! and Bridge to Terabithia

I know, I know, it must seem like all we do is watch movies - truly we don't, but over the weekend we did get to watch two that we really enjoyed.

The first is Zoom! starring Tim Allen. It was a great movie for those families who get into super heros. It is funny and also has its serious moments. Tim Allen plays a super hero who has lost his powers and whose team was killed by his own brother who turned evil after being zapped with radiation by a crazed general in the army. The story picks up with Tim Allen being brought back to the base, against his will, to train new recruits to form a new super hero team. It is a story of forming relationships and learning to care about others. The review on IMDB wasn't very positive but we really enjoyed this one. This movie is rated PG.

Our big boys were away for the weekend and so we treated boy#3 out to a movie and we chose Bridge to Terabithia. This was a moving story of special friendship and imagination. We enjoyed the movie very much. One warning: there is a very sad spot toward the end of the movie and parents of sensitive children may not want to take them to this one. We all got teary eyed, husband included. This movie is rated PG.

Updated to Add: Reviews of Terabithia by some young people can be found at Pink Flamingo (Hope of Shadybrook Acres) and at Christian Life in the 21st Century. Check them out and get their own unique view.


Dawn ; ) said...

hello dear friend,
thx for stoppin by my blog. it is so good to be more flexible and learning w/the dc again. hope things have been going well for you and yours. movies huh?!, we love them around here but haven't seen many lately since I've been hibernating. ;D miss our tues chats but will be more consistent in stopping by. have a great week. :D

amy said...

I love that book (Bridge to Ter.), but the ending is very hard for me to take because I had a very similar experience as a sophomore when my best friend died suddenly. I had a really hard time watching the movie when I worked as a teacher's aide years ago. I think the class watched me more than the movie at the end.

Jen said...

I've been doing a Movie Review Monday on my blog. Feel free to leave a comment and link back to your blog.

Great reviews! It is good to meet another movie lover.