Friday, October 02, 2009

In Retrospect . . .

My blog has been idle for many, many months and I debated about whether or not to even keep it up. After an active summer, I decided to give it a go once more. I am not sure if anyone is still out there in blog land that would be interested in the happenings of our family.

We had a rough year emotionally with one of our children and that caused me to take another look at my preconceived ideas of what parenting and homeschooling should look like and at the results I expected from it. The conclusion I have come to is that every person is an individual and has an individual will that they will exercise. Although we have made many mistakes as parents, we have done the best with the tools that we had. Do we see room for improvement, YES! But do we own all the guilt for the actions of our children, NO! After all, God was the PERFECT parent and Adam and Eve sinned. The results of our year in the fire is that we have good relationships with all of our children and for that we are truly grateful!

Our oldest child, our daughter moved away to the other side of the country almost a year ago. She has had many adventures living that far from home, done a lot of sightseeing and enjoyed her friends. Now she feels that it is time to come back home and start a new chapter in her life. We are glad that she had her adventure but are even happier that she is returning home. We have missed her greatly.

Our second child, after many bumps in the road, finished his homeschooling career and graduated from our homeschool. Last fall, he enlisted in the Delayed Entry Program with the Navy and worked toward full enlistment, which he accomplished the end of June. He graduated from boot camp the end of August and now is attending classes to prepare for his career in the Navy. His chosen career is Advanced Electronics and Computer Program (AECF) with the rate of Fire Controlman (FC). Sailors in that position work on the weapons systems and radar. We are very proud of him!

Our third child, Football boy, is almost 16 and is in his second year of high school classes. He plays football for the local high school and he loves it. He had been working hard on his school and keeps pretty busy with it and all the football practices. He is growing up and becoming quite a young man.

Our fourth child, guitar boy, has found a new love - the electric guitar. He has been teaching himself to play and seems to have an ear for music. Of course, he loves it loud. It is great to see him find something that is "his" thing that he has much fun doing.

Mustang Man is still working on restoring his 1965 mustang coupe in his spare time. It has turned out to be a very long project but he is getting close to paint time and the will be the turning point in the project. He still works at the local aircraft manufacturer and has avoided all of the lay offs there. We are truly thankful for that as well.

I keep very busy with homeschooling football and guitar boys and helping my mom, who lives near by. I don't know where my time goes sometimes, but I keep plugging away. Anyhow, that is where we are as a family currently.

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Javamom said...

I completely understand time in the fire and reconsidering hs-ing and parenting choices and for better or worse, and (with God's help) best, we can't change one thing in the past, and we shouldn't own what isn't ours, but we can trust Him and keep moving forward, readjusting expectations, attitudes (sometimes just our own), and trusting God with each individual in our family. {{{Hugs}}} Pam.

It led me to withdraw from some of the hs groups we were so heavily involved in, so that I could keep my expectations in check.