Friday, October 02, 2009


At the end of July we went to Nashville to visit our daughter. While we were there we did a bit of sight seeing, a bit of relaxing and a bit of visiting with extended family. I have a great aunt that lives in the area and a great uncle that lives in Arkansas who was up visiting at the same time we were there and so we had a mini reunion. It was so wonderful to see them both and extended cousins too. I hadn't seen my uncle in 10 years and it had been longer since I had seen my aunt so the mini family reunion was a joy. We also drove up to Kentucky and went to Mammoth Caves and also to the National Corvette Museum. I hadn't planned well enough for the Caves and so I was disappointed with the tour we ended up with, the ones I wanted were at times we weren't going to be in the area. As car enthusiasts, we enjoyed the Corvette Museum immensely. We went to the Opryland Hotel twice, once at night and once during the day. I have always wanted to visit a Southern Plantation and thus we went to see the Hermitage. It was the home of President Andrew Jackson. Guitar boy had written a report on Andrew Jackson and so that was a great way to culminate that study. We also visited the Parthenon in Nashville, relaxed at the hotel and also with our daughter and her friends at their home. We chose to be in Nashville over our daughter's birthday and so we got to have a birthday BBQ with her and her friends. This vacation was a good combination of busyness and relaxation.

The top photo is of the Parthenon, located in downtown Nashville. It is a full scale replica of the greek parthenon and was built in the late 1800s for an exposition that they had. It is the only remaining building from the exposition. Inside is a small art gallery that also contains drawings of the other and then inside upstairs is the full scale replica of the Goddess Athena that was in the original Parthenon.

This above photo is of the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky.

Football boy with his favorite style Corvette.

Guitar Boy with his favorite item in the Corvette Museum.

Mustang man and myself in the Opryland Hotel. This hotel is awesome, it is like a world unto itself with gardens and shops and even a canal with a boat ride.
One of the Gazebos in the Opryland hotel. It is gorgeous in the hotel at night with lights everywhere.

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Katie said...

We lived in Nashville for three years, and I used to take my lunch break in the park near the Parthenon, but never went inside. I always wondered what the Athena looked like! Thanks for posting the picture.