Monday, September 17, 2012

A New Season: I'm Back, I think?!

We are in yet another season of our lives and in this season I am, once again, going to give this blog another go.  Much has changed in our family over the past two years. We are adjusting to the changes and look forward to where our family will be in the future.

Last summer we were fortunate to be able to travel back east to visit our older children that live out of state, first we flew to Nashville and visited with our daughter and extended family there and then drove to Florida to visit our son and his wife.  We had a wonderful visit with all of them.  It was our first trip to Florida and we really enjoyed the warm atlantic waters and look forward to going again in the  future.

Two years ago, as our youngest was entering high school, we made some changes in our schooling.  After much prayer and research, we began participating in a parent partnership at one of the local school districts.  Although not perfect, overall, it has been a huge blessing to our family.  We received help with math and english and our third child was able to take an art class that was a big blessing.  While working within the public school system has its challenges, it has provided needed help for our family.  We started out with part time participation and have ended up, with our youngest son, moving to full time.  This year he is attending a welding program at the skills center that provides technical training for high schoolers in many local districts. Along with the welding program, he still takes math, english and current world issues at the parent partnership. He is currently a junior in high school and will probably finish out his high school career in the running start (dual credit) program next year at the local community college.  Our Third son graduated in June and will be starting his first full time job October 1 at a local company that makes aircraft parts for Boeing.  I no longer plan curriculum, lesson plans or correct assignments, all of which was a huge adjustment for me.  I now spend that time driving with our youngest to his classes and spend quite a bit of time away from home with that.  Once he gets his license, then I will have more free time to pursue other things such as my own self education and family history research.

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