Thursday, September 20, 2012

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Animal Farm is one of those books that "everyone" has read, everyone but me, that is until now. Animal Farm was written in the mid 1940s by british author George Orwell.  On the surface it is a short easy read about animals on a farm that overthrow their human master to gain freedom for a short time and then to have their master replaced by pigs who are even more cruel than the original master.  Underneath it is a story of tyranny, apparant freedom and more tyranny.  I have read that Mr. Orwell wrote it as an allegory to the Russian revolution but in it I could see similarities to so many situations.  Situations such as the Nazi rule in Germany to the current political climate in the middle east.  So often, tyranny is overthrown only to be replaced with more tyranny.  In the middle east, dictators have been overthrown only to be replaced with radical islamists, in Cuba they ended up with Castro and the list goes on.  I am truly thankful that the American Revolution didn't end up that way, although in our current political climate, I can see our freedoms slipping away little by little much in the same way that the animals in George Orwell's story lost theirs. Hmmm

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