Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The 23rd Post

Hello - my friend JavaMom just tagged me with the latest tag floating around blogosphere. You have to find your 23rd post to your blog and then find the 5th line in that post and it is supposed to say something about you.
Well my 23rd post was on August 30th and was entitled One Last Hurrah. The post was about our last camping trip of the season and here is the 5th line:
"We all went over to the Olympic National Park and camped in the Heart O' the Hill's campground at the foot of Hurricane Ridge."

I am not sure what this post says about me - maybe that my heart is in the hills and I can be like a Hurricane????

Anyway . . . As far as tagging five other people - all of my blogging friends have already been tagged, so the game stops here.

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