Sunday, October 30, 2005

Our Week . . .

This week has been a bit different for us. My 9 year old niece, Bella and my 7 year old nephew Patrick have been staying with us since Tuesday. Their mom and dad are on an anniversary/birthday trip and so the children get to stay with aunt, uncle and cousins. We have continued to do school, although in a bit of an altered fashion. Bella and Patrick are also homeschooled but in a little different way than we practice. They have quite a few workbook type items, which has been easy for me to give them. Patrick is learning to read - and I had forgotton how hard that was for little ones. It has been two years since Bouncy Boy was learning. We are all adjusting pretty well, although school is hard when the cousins want to play together all day. I am trying to allow plenty of playtime as they don't get to be together all that often. We will meet their big brother Tuesday evening and then they will go on to pick up mom and dad at the airport.

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