Thursday, October 13, 2005

Skinny Skater is 15

Skinny skater turned 15 at 10 am on October 10th. It is amazing to watch him grow and change. He still is my goofy boy, but then again I see glimpses of deeper thought. He still likes to play with his brothers and he has many friends that are much younger than himself - but then he doesn't want to "play". He can carry on a grown up conversation on one hand and act like a total goof on the other. It is so much fun to watch him change, hard to watch him struggle, challenging to let him make decisions. The teen years are years of change - the desire to be thought of as "grown up" and yet the pull of childhood is still strong. Being at home has allowed him to take his time growing up (in the world's sense of things) and has also allowed him to enjoy his family more. It is truly rewarding watching him grow. Happy Birthday Skinny Skater!

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