Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Little Home Ec.

The boys were invited to a Samurai birthday party to take place in a little over a week. Our friends are famous for these wonderful theme parties in which all the guests dress in costume and participate in great activities that go along with the theme. They have attended a medieval feast, a Redwall birthday, Army parties etc. All of which they have enjoyed tremendously. Did I mention that it was a costume party - ah yes. Three boys needing Samurai or ninja costumes. Part of our school this week has been spent on cutting out and sewing costumes. At the beginning, I always feel overwhelmed - but now that the boys are older, they have helped a lot. Boy #1's costume is almost done and he has done it all on his own, with a little advice and supervision from good old mom. Boy #2 has started sewing his costume and bouncy boy, who is almost 10, will get to start sewing tomorrow. I am very thankful that they can be of so much help, especially since I procrastinated until now. I have known about the party for months - but just purchased fabric on Monday. Oh well, such is life at our home.

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