Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Highschool/college- homeschool or not

We have one child who has already graduated from our homeschool and is currently working toward a certificate in Landscape Design at a local Community College. She did well in her highschool work and is also doing well in her College work. So why do I have anxiety once again as we have another child in highschool? B#1 just finished his first year of highschool and for the most part is doing very well. Of course he is different from his sister in many ways and thus we are having to adapt our curriculum to these differences. In my planning his course of study, I did some blog surfing and came across some interesting thoughts about homeschooling highschool or not. Kim at Upward Call had this to say. Semicolon had a three part article about High School here and here and here . Semicolon also had some things to say about College or Not that I found interesting and here is link to an article in about Homeschoolers going on to college. (I have not perused this site enough to know what else might be found there - but this article was interesting.) Hope this helps others who are thinking about High School and College.

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