Tuesday, June 27, 2006

This Weeks Goal - American History Decisions

I have been looking over what the boys have accomplished this past school year and making plans for the next year. I have been reviewing my long range goals and trying to find good fits for each of the boys. This weeks goal is picking books to teach American History at three different grade levels. I have B#1 entering 10th grade, B#2 entering 7th Grade and B#3 entering 5th grade. For B#1 we have settled on using Notgrass American History and Literature curriculum. It looks to be an engaging and educational choice. I am pleased with this selection and I believe it will help spark B#1's interest. I haven't settled on what to use with the younger two boys yet. I own several books that cover this period but neither of the boys are real strong readers yet, so this makes it a more difficult choice. I am trying to move them into more independent learning and thus need to make careful choices in their books. Engaging, but literary books fit the bill, which ones for their levels? I really like This Country of Ours by HE Marshall, but don't own it yet. Maybe I will have to sell off a few of the books I do have and purchase it. We shall see.


School Marm said...

Are you leaving AO? I looked at Notgrass and it is very appealing. Let me know how it goes with B1. My DS is enjoying HEO 8, it took a while to get into it but so far I think our year is going well.

tootlepip said...

We are not leaving AO - well not completely, we have never done it completely. He He. We took a side trip with a half a year on WA state history this past year and my B#1 was working through some of AO 9 - but he is not all that interested in History and I don't want everything he does to be a struggle. He looked at the samples of Notgrass online and said that would be easier for him to read and remember. So we decided to give it a go. I like most of their literature suggestions and the history text is very readable. I am hoping it will be a good fit.