Monday, February 20, 2006

DeCluttering and our livingroom

Recently I have been thinking about how I can manage my household a little better. In this effort, I have been searching online and reading how other people have attempted decluttering and organizing their homes. I found a fellow blogger, Lori Seaburg, who attempted to form a new habit and worked on decluttering a room a day. Go to her blog and see how she went about decluttering each room in her home. On her blog I found a link to another beautiful blog, Mrs. Catherine . Mrs. Catherine has all kinds of helps for keeping a beautiful home. She also has a decluttering list which Lori used in her efforts to declutter her home. One of the first things you are supposed to do is write up a floor plan of the rooms in your house as you come in the front door. List the rooms and what in them will need decluttering, she even has you look at your front porch. I have made up my floor plan and the first room that you see when you come into my house is my livingroom. Our front porch looks fine and does not have any clutter, so I am starting with the livingroom. I am also giving myself a week to declutter each room instead of just a day. In our livingroom we have a coat closet that also has most of our board games, we also have a bookshelf and a couple of baskets with books/magazines in them. We just purchased two new end tables that are also cupboards which house our photo albums. On Saturday, I pulled all of the games out of our closet and went through them to see if they were missing any pieces, I made a list of them and took note of the ages that they were for and how many people could play them. I made note of any that I thought we could use during school. We have about 25 games (not counting cards and the chess/checkers set). My husband had already gone through all of the coats, hats and gloves and so I didn't need to organize those. I also looked through the bookshelf last night and didn't see any that we should get rid of. Most of the books in this shelf are from sets that look nice together, some of the authors are Mark Twain, Robert L. Stevens, Sir Walter Scott, Dickens. It also has our hymn books, books about music history, Shakespeare books, books about art history and our bible reference books, and other reference books such as dictionaries. I still need to look through the baskets, one of which contains my bible study materials, and current reading material. We are actually pretty good at keeping this room up, the biggest struggle I have is that the ceilings are very high and it is difficult for me to get up there to dust the cobwebs that form - I must enlist the help of my husband. I will be posting here as I work through the rooms of our home.

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athenainaminivan said...

Have you been in my brain? both the decluttering and the "keeping up with the Jonses" post have been on my mind today.

Spent today taking the things that go upstairs up and the things that go downstairs back down.