Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Home Notebook

In my searching around the blogosphere for homemaking helps - one common thread seems to be have a home control notebook or home organization notebook. I used to keep a notebook and found it very useful, I am not sure why I ever quit using it. Anyway, I now have put together a new notebook. I used a three ring binder that my sister covered with fabric years ago for a photo album. I don't really like three ring binders for scrapbooking, but this one was pretty and now it has a new use. I made dividers for Schedules & Routines, Health, Chores, Movies, Clothing, Storage, Gift Ideas, books, Home Improvement, Spiritual, Goals, Projects, and Food. I will use other posts to talk about what I have behind each divider. I am just starting to use my notebook, so not every category is in use yet. Fly Lady suggests that when you start trying to get organized to start with your bedtime routine because most women don't get enough rest and if you have a good before bed routine you will wake up with certain things ready to go in the morning. She has suggestions on her website as to what you might want to include in your before bed routine. Here is my list:
1. Clean up the House Before Bed
a. Living room/dining room: Pick up and put away things.
b. Kitchen: Clean it up, shine sink, lay out clean cloths/towels.
set up coffee maker
c. Family room: Pick up and put away things.
(note: this is my list, but everyone is expected to help)
2. Think about tomorrow before you go to bed.
a. Check calendar for appointments
b. Correct school work/plan schedule for tomorrow
c. Start a To Do List for tomorrow
d. Gather up items that you need to take with you.
e. Make sure children have their chores done & things put
f. Check menu for next two days. Take food out.
g. Lay out clothes for tomorrow.
h. Computer time: catch up checkbook, blog, read email
3. Focus on yourself before going to bed.
a. Get yourself ready for bed.
b. Brush teeth, clean face, comb hair.
c. Bath time! Bubbles mmmm. . . .
d. Put on jammies
e. Reflect on the days accomplishments
f. Read for fun
g. Pray

I have not succeeded at doing everything on this list, nor will everything on it need to be done every night. I do enlist others help on the housework portion.

I want to end this post with some sites that I have found helpful in this endeavor. Mrs. Catherine of Making it Home Magazine. Genuine Profit of Home Sweet Home and Large Family Logistics all of helps on making home notebooks plus many other helpful ideas on getting your homes under control.

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