Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Livingroom declutter update

This picture is looking down into our livingroom from our stairway. We have very high ceilings in this room and there is a large window above the fireplace. You can't see the pictures very well, but I have two copies of Renoir paintings with girls/ladies at a piano. This is our front door. My husband's grandmother's treadle sewing machine and his great grandparents' family picture are there on the right.
These are our new recliners and one of our end tables. The chairs are very comfy!

I thought I should take some time to update on my decluttering progress. I have finished the purge of the livingroom, the first room in my plan. I must confess that this was a great room to start with as I don't usually have much clutter in it. This room started out as our least used room in the house but it has turned into one of my favorite rooms. The living room is decorated with old family pictures, the treadle sewing machine and our old piano. We have a gas fireplace and comfortable furniture and I now keep my book basket in this room next to my chair. This room is where we have our family devotions and our read alouds. It is cozy and comfy. For Christmas, hubby and I didn't purchase gifts for each other because we wanted some new chairs and end tables. We each got a recliner/rocker and just recently added the end tables. We found tables with storage to hold our photo albums and best of all they were on sale at Fred Meyers. I would still like to clean the windows and vacuum the drapes/swags. I also want to start cataloging our book collection on the computer and there is a bookshelf in this room. I was able to get most of the cobwebs by attaching my lambs wool duster to a broom handle and standing on a step ladder. I will check this room off of my declutter list. The dining room is next and it will also be easy too. Once I leave that room things get a bit more difficult.


School Marm said...

They do look COMFY! I really would like some new furniture too - ours is in tatters thanks to a life spent amidst six very-clawy felines. We are done to one and when he goes to kitty heaven, I am out the door to buy some new digs!

Ps. I need to declutter too -- our office would scare most right out the door (it scares me every day!)


HowGreatADebtor said...

I've greatly enjoyed visiting your living room, tootles! ;) It looks a lovely place to sit and chat or read. Both posts on decluttering were inspiring... It is a constant battle, here, to keep up with all our belongings.