Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Different Education

During the past couple of weeks our family had the opportunity to go work on a We Care Ministries church campaign. We Care Ministries works with local congregations to help them get the gospel out to their community. The campaign is a week long effort at door knocking in the community during which they offer assistance - such as food or clothing to those in need and then also offer to share the gospel. It was a stretching experience for our whole family and a very rewarding one at that. We lived with an extended family of very like minded, spiritually focused people who had a real heart for the lost of the world. The best part of this was seeing our 15 year old son grow in his spiritual life. He has grown tremendously in many ways. This boy was very timid to get up in front of a group but while we were there he was able to get up and share in front of a large group of adults, he went door knocking and actually talked with the people at the door and now he is ready to go on another campaign. During this campaign we also saw a total of 25 souls come to Christ along with one wayward Christian coming back. We may have missed two weeks of our regular studies but the education we gained during those two weeks is of eternal value.

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