Thursday, April 27, 2006

Life with focus . . .

It is funny how life happens and then I realize that I am not keeping up with things - such as this blog. We have had many changes in our lives during the past several months, such as leaving one church family after almost 14 years to join a new church family. We went from being very involved in a church family to starting from scratch in trying to figure out where/how God wants us to serve in the new one. We have had two of our sons dedicate their lives to Christ and we have gone on a mission trip as a family. Our daughter started back to school after a quarter off and started a new job (all in one week) whew. . . .Time can just slip by if you let it and you can just float along if your not careful. I want to live with a purpose and make sure the important things are taken care of and done. I think the past few months have held many purposeful events and I hope that I will be able to keep focus as we move ahead into the summer.

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