Sunday, January 29, 2006

Boys Curriculum

Here is the bulk of our curriculum for this term. We will be done with Washington State History at the end of February and then boy 1 will focus his attention on early American History. We will use Ambleside Online's year 9 as a guide.

Saxon Algebra II - boy 1
Saxon 87 - boy 2
Saxon 54 - boy 3

Language Arts
Copywork & Dicatation
Megawords - boy 2
Understanding Writing & IEW
First Language Lessons - boy 2 & 3
Easy Grammar - boy 1

Boy 3
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Fifty Famous Stories
Boy 2
Robinson Crusoe
Boy 1
God Came Near
With Wolfe in Canada
English Literature for Boys and Girls
Reading Between the Lines

History & Geography
Boys 2 & 3
An Island Story
Child's History of the World
America is Born
Child's Geography of the World
The Book of Indians - boy 3
The Real Book of Indians - boy 2
It Happened in Washington - boy 1 & 2
Boy 1
Washington State (textbook)
Washington State a Literary Chronicle
Child's History of England
Story of Liberty
Story of Mankind

Science and Nature
Christian Liberty Nature Reader #2 - Boy 3
Life During the Great Ice Age - boy 3
Christian Liberty Nature Reader #4 - boy 2
It Couldn't Just Happen - boy -2
The Glad Scientist (experiments) - boy 2 & 3
Abeka Physical Science - boy 1

Current Events - Gods World News - All
Health - Boy 1
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Total Health

Art/Music Appreciation

Rudyard Kipling

Henry V


Mindbenders from Critical Thinking Press

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