Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Our Family Devotions

One thing that we have tried to do, not always consistently, is have family devotions. We have tried many ways of doing this, from weekly studies, object lessons etc. to daily studies or share times. Over the past couple of years, we have been fairly consistent in having daily devotions. Hubby works swing shift and is, therefore, home during the morning hours. He has us each take a 30 minute Quiet Time at 10 am during which we read our bibles first and then other books if we so choose. We come together at 10:30 am to sing, share our bible reading and pray together. Hubby picks a different song each week and we sing that each day that we have devotions. In addition, two other family members get to pick a song for us to sing (so we sing three songs each day). We sing hubby's song choice and then someone might share what they read and then we sing another song etc. until everyone has shared their bible reading. We end with discussing prayer concerns and a prayer. This time is a special time for me. I love hearing what the children are learning from their bible reading as well as the fact that it makes me more consistent in my bible reading and prayer time. It isn't always easy to make time in the day for this but it is well worth it.

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Reddingmountain said...

I think this is wonderful! We have never chosen a theme song to use. That is such a good idea. Of course you are always so much more orderly than I am!!! Thanks for the encouragement. Keep up the good work!!!