Sunday, January 29, 2006

Finally Finished! Gulliver's Travels

Much to many people's shagrin, I am sure. I found this book not very enjoyable. Though I see how the author was using satire to poke fun at the society and governments of his time, I had a hard time with his choice of vulgar images. I did find the last voyage, to the Houyhnhnms interesting in the virtues that they displayed and it did cause me to reflect on the lack of virtue displayed in our society. As a whole, I feel this book was made for adult eyes and I found that Swift's satire is not my cup of tea.


Tim's Mom said...

I'm sorry you didn't like Gulliver's Travels, I liked his wit.

Thanks for your comment in my blog, I'm feeling much better today. I hope you're feeling better soon, too!

School Marm said...

I agree with you, Pam. I read this in college and it was pretty disgusting. It helped to have a teacher explain some of his wit -- most of the writing of this period is very similar. I am not sure if we will read it or not - I might skip it with DS in favor of something a bit more modest. FWIW, you can now say you have read it! LOL!